Hope SL can maintain stability: China

The Chinese Government has said it hoped that Sri Lanka can maintain stability and find ways to end the current political impasse.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said this in response to a question asked during the regular press conference held on Wednesday.

“As a traditional friendly neighbour of Sri Lanka, China has been closely following the developments of the situation in Sri Lanka. We hope that Sri Lanka can maintain stability and that all relevant parties in Sri Lanka have the wits and ways needed to deal with the current situation,” she said.

මෙම පුවතට අදාළව ප්‍රතිචාර දැක්වීමේ අයිතිය ඔබ සතුය. එම ප්‍රතිචාර lankaanews@gmail.com යන ඊ මේල් ලිපිනය වෙත යොමුකරන්න

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