Rise of China, unsettled borders will be most formidable challenge for India: CDS Gen Chauhan

The most significant threat facing India and its armed forces in the near future, according to Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan, is the country’s expanding influence and unresolved boundary disputes with China.

At the Third Strategic and Security Dialogue on China’s Rise and Its Implications for the World, General Chauhan stressed the importance of managing the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) strategically at all places of contention regarding the disputed borders.

According to General Chauhan, India’s border disputes with its neighbors have given rise to phrases like Actual Ground Position Line, Line of Actual Control, and Line of Control.

“The unsettled borders with China and the rise of China will remain the most formidable challenge that India and the Indian armed forces will face in the foreseeable future,” the Chief of Defence Staff said.

He said the armed forces need to maintain the legitimacy of India’s claims during peacetime on these disputed borders, which will require “very astute handling of the PLA at all the friction points, calibrated firmness, and both sides to operate within the ambit of agreed rules of engagement”.

The top commander further said that like all disputed borders, there will be a tendency by the adversary to create new facts or markers, toponymy (the study of place names), cartographic aggression, or to create a new narrative.

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